DukePlus Changelog

2.40 7-21-16    Maintenance and minor update release


Maintenance fixes: These are things that used to work and got broken over time

·        includes "NixFix" pack from LeoD (various fixes, mostly relating to model defs from changed HRP assets)

·        fixed the next/prev weapon switching bug when player had expander

·        Cycloid at the end of Dukecide map is now killable again

·        Gore chunks are now the correct pal again (this means, for example, that frozen enemies spawn frozen chunks)

·        Decals (rocket scorches, bullet decals) will now spawn slightly away from surface to prevent flickering

·        Shell casings will stop spinning a few seconds after hitting the ground

·        A couple of included maps had outdated versions or missing readmes – fixed

·        Removed hidden Thumbs.db files from various folders

·        Dead battlelord will no longer display as a sprite if the HRP is used and he drops his weapon


Other changes:

·        Movable objects (crates etc.) will now move correctly when hit

·        Removed hiss from step sounds

·        Reduced number of gore chunks (still plenty though!)

·        Increased reloading speed on mp5, and startup of reload on cruizer shotgun

·        Duke's jump grunts are much less frequent

·        Added game speed adjuster to the Environment submenu (rename of weather menu)

·        Secondary fire on FreezerPlus shoots only 2 ice shards instead of 3, but they do slightly more damage; this makes the primary fire more attractive, as it should be

·        Fixed HUD position and related text position for the MonCapsules (the optional tripbomb replacement that allows capture and release of monsters, pokemon style)


2.35 1-5-13    Maintenance release


2.30 5-12-11


2.20 1-27-11


2.11 7-30-10


2.10 7-06-10

2.07 1-22-10

2.06 12-23-09

2.05 8-02-09

2.03 7-02-09

2.02 6-13-09

2.00 5-03-09

1.99 2-08-09

-New optional Freezer Plus (activate in the weapons menu).  Primary fire is a freeze beam, secondary fire shoots little ice comets.  The freeze beam is much more useful than those stupid bouncy crystals ever were (especially with autoaim on)

-New version of Spiker's Project Zero level (see the movies page at the DP web site for a complete and EPIC playthrough)

-Fixed a recently introduced bug which had prevented rain or snow from starting in levels where it had been added (for example, WCTime and the intro hub level)

-Small improvements to the dynamic F7 mode (if you didn't like it before, you still won't like it)

-Fixed a bug which allowed sharks to come out of transparent water (they might still do it, but not because of THAT bug at least)

-Two things I forgot to mention in the last update:  The player's footstep sounds work consistently now, and the timer mode of the pipebombs is actually useful now because I shortened the fuse

1.98  2-01-09

-New Dynamic F7 view mode option in the Effects menu:
Toggle between the classic over-shoulder view, and the new dynamic view.  In dynamic view, the player is followed by a camera which attempts to get the best view of the action.  A line of sprites from the player shows where Duke is looking/aiming.  If you crouch while facing an enemy, the line will turn read, indicating a target lock.  Once locked, you can uncrouch and you will continue to aim at the enemy until it dies or you press the use key to unlock.

-New Better pipebomb throws option in the Weapons menu (hold fire for longer range, shows trajectory)

-Additions to Enhanced monster AI option:  Some lizard troopers are medics (they wear blue and heal their allies), and pigcops will sometimes use teargas grenades when they don't have a clear shot with their gun

-Shrunken monsters can be squished by any of their enemies, not just the player (especially useful if you have a captured newbeast fighting on your side)

-Eggs captured by a moncapsule will spawn a small (allied) newbeast instead of a slimer.  Recapsule the newbeast and it becomes a full grown newbeast when released again.

-many small bug fixes and changes

1.97  1-06-09

-Dukebots now respawn after an interval, instead of instantly
-The Skycar is now more pilot friendly.  When you get in, it does not move until you press the accelerator key.  When landing (that is, if you are near the ground) you can bring it to a complete stop before getting out.  You can still steer the Skycar when it is stopped.  These improvements will come in handy for an upcoming map that will be released with DP version 2.0.
-Made some optimizations which may improve performance in some situations.
-Changed "tiles024.art" to lowercase for linux users who were plagued by an errant uppercase letter.
-Added a few more tiles to NAMES.H (so that names show up in Mapster)
-Added the -forcegl command line to the launcher, because I would rather have Intel gpu users complain to me about a black screen then have them tell me that they can't see my weapons since they are stuck in the software renderer.
Fixed the following from the original game (thanks to Hendricks266 for bringing these to my attention):

1.96  12-23-08

-Dukebots have their own submenu now.  They can be made to respawn, you can choose how many bots you want, and they will spawn in any map
-Added laser pistol option to monster menu.  When on, pal 21 liztroops will drop them
-Improvements to laser pistol
-Improved monster pathfinding code for advanced AI
-Added some new sounds
-Removed game speed option (temporary)

1.95  12-21-08

When the enhanced AI option is on, lizard troopers will drop laser pistols (the weapons they actually use!) instead of pistol ammo.  To use the laser gun, switch to mighty boot (weapon 1).  Hold alt-fire to charge it for a more powerful shot.

1.94  12-15-08

All of the DP tiles that were in tiles013.art have been moved to tiles024.art.  The main advantage of this is that Duke Nukem maps that use tiles013.art for custom art are now compatible with DP.  Unfortunately, it means that any DP maps that contain DP sprites with the old tile numbers will need to be updated.  I have already updated the maps that come with DP.   The following tile numbers have changed:

CRATE1 6314 (was tile 3498)
CRATE2 6316 (was tile 3500)
FUSE 6319 (was tile 3503)
DBSPRITE 6324 (was tile 3508 ) -- this is the double-barreled shotgun pickup

1.93  12-14-08

-tweaked HUD defs so that the DP weapons don't glitch with animation smoothing 
-adds a melee attack to the double-barrel shotgun (use alt-fire button)
-fixes bug with HUD shotgun shell display

-Octabrain mental pulling only grabs player when player is facing the Octabrain, and doesn't pull him too close
-fixes filename case error (was only a problem if you use linux)
-adjusted sparking sounds so they can't be heard from far away
-includes minor update to Blown Fuses map

1.92  12-09-08

-includes demo map for Skycar (use the Duke Plus maps episode to access)
-includes updated version of Blown Fuses
-EGG and RECON now work with RESPAWN, and respawned sprites have the correct palette (bugs fixed in original game)
-karate kicks can be turned on/off in menu
-karate kicks kill attached slimers
-laser sparks are turned on/off with damage effects menu option
-new transition effect which works like sleeper SE but can be used multiple times

1.91  11-1-08

-Game speed can now be controlled in the main DP menu
-Fixed a crash bug
-Moncapsules are easier to use (they break open on impact)
-Added option for enhanced AI in the monster sub-menu
-Added support for the Skycar vehicle (but maps for it will not be included until later)
-Improved muzzleflash for Mp5 (thanks to Gambini)
-Full soda cans now spill cola when you shoot them

1.90  11-1-08

-Added several effects derived from SD_Duke to the effects menu (thanks to Hellbound for the art)
-Moved weather control to its own menu
-Fixed some bugs
-Includes new EDuke32

1.87  10-15-08

-Gambini's Blown Fuses level has some bug fixes and improvements
-The hub level has cool looking white portals
-Includes new EDuke32

1.86  9-29-08

-Includes a new EDuke32 which fixes a crash bug when loading a saved game in a DP level
-Clocks can no longer be grabbed by the gravity gun
-Fixed a bad sizeat command

1.85   9-26-08

-Includes an overhauled version of Mia Max's Desert Base level
-Duke now has side-kicks and spinning hook kicks.  Press forward and the quick kick key for the sidekick, press backwards and the quick kick key for the spinning kick (or press fire if the mighty boot is your selected weapon).  The new kicks are still experimental, and are not mentioned in the menus or documentation.
-Trooper lasers now have an impact effect and sounds
-Added cluster rockets as the alt-fire mode for the heavy rocket launcher
-Monster in-fighting is now on a percentage system instead of either ON/OFF.  The higher the %, the more likely a monster is to retaliate if hit by friendly fire.  The default is 40%, but you may need to adjust it if you are using the cfg from a previous version.
-New sound variations for explosions
-Fixed a bug which caused pal 1 monsters to have 1 strength.
-Fixed a bug which prevented the player from throwing an object with his hands while holding the gravity gun.
-If the cruizer shotgun is disabled in the menu, then the player will not acquire the cruizer shotgun when picking up a double-barreled shotgun (so you can now switch between the original shotgun and the db shotgun, if desired)

1.83   9-01-08

-Fixed the killer sharks, which were completely broken
-Made an improvement to mantling which helps when grabbing onto sloped surfaces
-Fixed major bug which prevented monsters from respawning on Damn I'm Good
-Includes new build of EDuke32 which fixes an ancient Duke 3D bug that made monsters get stuck in water

1.82   8-29-08

-Fixed some bugs with mantling that prevented the player from grabbing onto some ledges
-Includes replacement smoke (must use polymost to see the new sprites)
-The damage caused to the player by non-rocket explosions is no longer scaled if the player is using the damage scaling option.
-You can now choose among three styles of item pickup messages in the Effects sub-menu
-The weather color is now applied to the color number in the effects menu, so you can see what it will look like
-Fixed bug which caused the max medkit amount to be set to 0 if classic default settings were selected
-Includes the latest build of EDuke32 (as always)

1.81   8-25-08

-Reverted to the old  method of having DP load the player's normal DEFS.CON and USER.CON, rather then DP's own versions of these.  I realized that loading special DP copies of these was  preventing people from using the HRP music and other custom content specified in their CONs.  The downside to this is it means I will get false bug reports again from people trying to use non-Atomic CONs with Duke Plus.
-Added the nocompress parameter to the texture defs AGAIN, this time in the correct place
-Fixed some bugs with the turrets that are attached to Sentry Drones (like the ones in Project Zero)
-Includes a version of Project Zero with minor improvements
-Reduced the max speed at which a monster can be knocked back, in an attempt to prevent glitches
-Fixed a bug which caused the MP5 to show the reloading animation when it ran out of bullets
-Made some tweaks to the monster doubling and randomized monster features in an attempt to fix bugs (not sure if they are fixed)
-Fixed a bug where after picking up the double barreled shotgun it could become impossible to switch to the other shotgun
-Includes the latest EDuke32 which compiles the CONs much faster, resulting in a shorter startup time

1.80b   8-22-08

-Fixed a bug which caused FIRELASER to display as a black box when software rendering was used
-Eliminated some annoying log errors
-Turning off damage effects will now prevent extra debris from spawning from pipebomb explosions.
-Fixed an error in this manual (wrong tile number for double barreled shotgun)
-Added the nocompress parameter to the texture defs, to prevent possible problems caused by reduced texture quality settings
-Now using the scriptsize command to prevent potential problems caused by auto-increasing the script buffer size

1.80   8-21-08

-No longer requires the  .bat file to start; just pick DukePlus from the game directory drop down menu in EDuke32
-Includes Project Zero, a new map by Spiker
-Blown Fuses, by Gambini, has been given an improved beginning and a totally new ending
-The levels made for Duke Plus are now accessible via a hub level which has its own episode
-Made a few small gameplay tweaks to Wonderful Christmas Time and Blackened
-Added new options in the effects sub-menu for mirroring and enlarging maps (thanks to Plagman for  the guts of the code)
-New double barreled shotgun, and menu option for  giving it to pigcops
-Big update to the dpeffects map, showcasing many of the new map effects
-New steroids effect in singleplayer:  everything else in the world slows down while your movement speed remains unchanged
-Akimbo pistols now fire one at a time (before, the shells and sounds did alternate, but the bullets were simultaneous)
-Fixed  positioning and display bugs of akimbo pistols
-Added menu option for new sounds (so far just a few replacement sounds)
-Replaced sound for MP5 firing
-Changed the ammo handling system of Cruizer shotgun so that it works like the other weapons
-Greatly improved the bot ally following code
-Bots glow with nightvision and cast shadows
-Fixed several variable handling errors, one of which had caused crashes
-New map effect:  quoters, which can display a quote and/or picture when the player enters a certain sector
-New map effect:  sleeper SE, which makes the player fade to black and then wake up in a different area
-New map effect:  helicopters that fly by and drop off supplies, friends, foes, etc.
-New map effect:  customizable shooter sprite
-Improved the multifloor elevator.  Now the up and down buttons can be placed inside of it and objects inside the elevator move better
-Improved the pulsating sprite effect so that the pulsing is smoother and it now works on floor alligned sprites
-Various small bugfixes and improvements related to transparent water
-Improved the moncapsule pulsing effect
-Lightning will flash when it is visible to the player, and will make a dynamic light effect if that system is active
-Improved randomizer for random monsters option (thanks to Hunter_Rus)
-Gravity gun now drops grabbed items with alt-fire instead of the use key, so you can open doors without dropping
-Rewrote the knockback code and it works much better now
-Rocket scorch decals should no longer spawn on forcefields, but rarely they do anyway at a right angle to it :(
-Fixed bug which prevented medkits from increasing the medkit amount beyond 100 if the player had raised the max amount
-The DP menu can be navigated by mouse
-Improved HUD positioning of Cruizer shotgun
-Reduced the reload time of the MP5
-Reduced the reload time of heavy RPG
-Improved array handling for sector based dynamic lighting
-Explosions, rockets, FLOORFLAME and other fires now treated as dynamic lights if the lighting system is activated
-Shell casings now move in the correct direction when hit by explosives
-Fixed bug which could cause monsters to jump when hit by the mind blast
-Randomized muzzle flashes on Cruizer shotgun and MP5
-Toilets and fire hydrants  can be ripped from the floor  using the gravity gun, then picked up and thrown
-Fixed bug which prevented  items dropped by monsters to move away from the monster as intended
-Fixed bug which would cause the shrinker pickup to give full ammo and stay on the ground if you had full expander ammo when touching it
-Fixed mantling bug which allowed the player to grab onto sloped ceilings
-Disabled mantling and the menu nag in multiplayer
-Menu nag has smoother scrolling
-All bodies of monsters can now be shot by any weapons (and they bleed), frozen, squished, and non-bosses can picked up, used as weapons with the gravity gun
-The player is slowed  when carrying heavy objects
-Thrown items move a bit more realistically, with lighter items going farther, and objects following a more realistic arc
-If you kick a held object, it will fly off and travel farther than if you threw it (if the kick doesn't break it).
-Eliminated the long pause that occurs between the time that you shoot a sitting liztroop and when it dies
-Miscellaneous other small bugfixes

1.75   7-12-08

-Added Monster Capsules as an optional replacement for laser tripbombs.  See the weapons options documentation for details
-Includes Blown Fuses v 111, which has various small improvements
-Fixed the way that battlelords and queens aim at other monsters when they are player allies
-Adjusted the mortars and guided fireballs so that they target correctly when fired by player allies
-Fixed a bug which caused the DP transparent water to behave incorrectly when the player travelled directly from one water sector to another

-Fixed a bug which prevented DP water effectors from using the heightless water sector feature (where extra is set to 1 on the SE)
-Reduced the frequency with which randomized monsters drop items
-Added an effect whereby objects thrown into pools of transparent water will float near the surface (some exceptions for solid metal objects).  If the HRP is used, you can see the objects turning on their sides when landing in the water
-Fixed a bug which could cause frozen monsters to be shattered by the items they drop (they appeared to shatter immediately upon being frozen)
-Fixed a bug which caused shrunken randomized monsters to drop extra items when stomped
-Moved the DP menu higher on the screen to prevent overlap with a full sized status bar at the bottom
-Moved the bot allies option from the weapons sub-menu to the monsters sub-menu
-Added a new monster flag for LIZTROOP; adding 256 to their EXTRA will make them into suicide bombers (if an enemy is close they touch a button on themselves to detonate)
-Added a new monster flag for ROTATEGUN; adding 256 to their EXTRA will make turrets fire at twice the normal rate
-Fixed a bug which caused dead sharks to bob and and down on top of the transparent water, instead of just floating to the top and staying there
-Fixed a bug which allowed the player to trick the game into loading extra shells into the shotgun by repeatedly switching from the MP5 to the Cruizer shotgun while the MP5 is reloading
-Changed the clip system for the pistol and mp5 so that the ammo amount displayed is your total  ammo (including what is in the clip).  This new system fixes some bugs.
-The feature whereby monster bodies placed in maps can be blown up, is working correctly again (it was broken in 1.7 due to an optimization  that incorrectly identified those body sprites as ones that should not be running EVENT_GAME code)

1.73   6-29-08

-Includes Blown Fuses v 110, which has various small improvements and is now 100% HRP compatible
-Now includes Desert Base, a new map by Mia Max!

-Fixed bug which caused monsters do drop too many items when stomped by the player in random monsters mode
-LIZTROOP will sometimes drop a pistol instead of ammo, so akimbo pistols are still available in  non-DP maps (but dropped pistols only have 12 ammo, not the regular 48)
-Added a few new entries to the effects guide, including one for the sparking effect
The following had been fixed and uploaded a few days ago:
-Fixed bug which caused trees to always retain their cstat from mapster, instead of just when they had a lotag
-Fixed a bug introduced in 1.7 which caused a couple of the letter sprites used for DP effects to disappear even when the letters were not tagged.
-Fixed a bug introduced in 1.7 which prevented the lightbugs from showing up.

1.71   6-24-08

-Improvements to bot path following code
-Includes Blown Fuses v 103, which fixes some minor map bugs
-Fixed priority on some of the sounds

-Changed the .bat and CONs in order to avoid players accidentally using an outdated version of DP, in case they have old versions of the CON files loose in their directory.
-Included the authoring document for Iggy's Spacejump map, which was accidentally left out in 1.7
-Updated the DP Effects guide to include entries for the Weapon Options controller, Tree cstats, and saw blades

1.7   6-21-08

-New singleplayer map by Gambini, "Blown Fuses"
-Added new sample map by Gambini (DPeffects.map). This has examples of almost every Duke Plus effect.
-Optimized so that inert sprites do not run unnecessary code.
-In-game menu for changing most of the optional Duke Plus settings
-Pipebombs can switch between trigger and timer modes (alt-fire to toggle)

-Shrinker can switch between shrinking and mind blast modes (alt-fire to toggle)
-Shrinker can switch between shrinking and mind blast modes (alt-fire to toggle)
-Gravity gun is an optional replacement for the Expander
-Added saw blades for the gravity gun
-Optional ability to pick up and throw a large variety of objects
-New option for monster in-fighting
-Transparent water can be set to bob up and down, and underwater visibility can be adjusted
-Jibs which have been placed in maps as decorations will not spin (their model animation is disabled)
-Mappers can set certain tile numbers to be rendered only as sprites (disables model rendering)
-Support for fuse puzzles added
-Blood sprites now added to deletion que (optimization)
-Blood sprites no longer hang over ledges
-Improved dynamic lighting effect
-Added simple waypoint system for bots (similar to locators for RECON)

-Added special blocking sprite that becomes invisible in game
-Added noise sprites (sound effect sprites that are easy to use)
-Speeded up reloading on the Cruizer shotgun

-New graphic for FIRELASER
-More options for SPAWNER
-Changed monster RAILGUN to make it more balanced and not clip through walls
-Eliminated bullet resistance flag, replaced with special flag (currently used to make NEWBEAST not shoot)
-Added waypoint system for bots
-Improved randomized monsters option (random minibosses, more sensible drops)
-Lightbugs can now be made into dynamic lights
-Various improvements and bug fixes, too many to list

1.6   4-17-08

-Everything in Duke Plus, except for the optional replacement weapons, is now compatible with the classic 8-bit graphics renderer -Added option to jump pads to make them show their destination -Fixed a bug which made it impossible to emerge from transparent water when the water was at a certain height. -Added a new SECTOREFFECTOR lotag for floor and ceiling texture panning.

-Breakable glass sprites.

1.5   2-25-08

-Various bug fixes. The biggest bug fixed concerned the Dukebots not targeting enemies correctly in many situations. -Improved skin for Duke's arms holding the Cruizer Mossberg shotgun and MP5 (thanks mostly to Kaiser). - Improved mantling and added a "FREERUNNER" option for doing multiple wall jumps. - The TURN AROUND key will make a player glance behind if he is hanging on a ledge (mantling), instead of making him turn his body around. - Added boxes which can be picked up, thrown, placed and stood on in order to reach high places. The larger boxes cannot be picked up, but can be pushed (hold use while pushing). - Added killzone feature to SE of death. - Added a decorative effect for smoke gusts blowing past. - Added code for sprite platforms that can move back and forth along predefined routes or in circles (undocumented)

1.4   1-22-08

-New dynamic lighting system.  The player can use flares (optional) and dynamic lights can be placed in maps. -Cleaner installation (everything is now inside of the DukePlus folder) -New option for transparent water:  set the EXTRA of the water sector effector to 1, and the sector will be considered entirely underwater (regardless of the height of the SE).  This can prevent a problem where water height is not detected correctly. -Fixed a bug with the Dukebots which sometimes caused them to float into the air. -Various small optimizations

1.31b-Fixed a bug which prevented switching to weapons that have clips, when the clips contained rounds but the player had no other ammo for the weapons -Updated the documentation to correct some obsolete information -Picking up the Cruizer shotgun not dropped by a Pigcop now gives a full clip of ammo but no additional ammo

1.31-Reloading key now works on pistols -Rocket scorch marks will not spawn on water or on moving walls, such as swing doors -Fixed ammo display bugs for Cruizer shotgun and Mp5 -Fixed bug that could cause bots to float into the sky -Reduced size of bot life bars