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DukePlus is a game-enhancer and customizer for the EDuke32 port of Duke Nukem 3D. The DukePlus mod provides optional enhancements to the original game as well as giving level-designers a vast selection of new options and effects to utilize in their maps.  Features include:  enemy customization, translucent water, functioning ladders, grabbable and pushable objects, optional weapon replacements (e.g. a gravity gun) and alternate fire modes, player ally AI, new Polymer lighting effects, an in-game options menu, and more.

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1.      Extract the contents of DUKEPLUS.ZIP into a folder that contains an Atomic Edition copy of the file “DUKE3D.GRP”

2.      Double-click on the included dukeplus.bat

3.      In the EDuke32 main menu, select OPTIONS->KEYBOARD SETUP or MOUSE SETUP and assign keys/buttons for "RELOAD ALTFIRE" and "DUKEPLUS MENU".


Manual -- this is the main manual for players
Map Effects -- this is a guide for level designers
Changelog -- last updated 7/21/16

Current Version: 2.40

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